Open Source Learning: using the power of the Internet to create innovation in education


What is Open Source Learning?

Open Source Learning is an emerging education practice that allows students to capitalize on the power of the Internet to create and manage their own learning experiences and produce interactive material that is available online to everyone.

The term “Open Source Learning” was coined for this context by David Preston, Ph.D., a teacher and educational consultant who developed the principles, tools, and techniques that are being used in a growing number of K-12 schools and colleges….(more)

The need for Open Source Learning

Everyone loves learning. At the core of our DNA we are hardwired to learn, to explore, to crave to understand, to absorb new information. We are most engaged when our learning is internally driven, personally meaningful, and purposefully guided. But “learning” and “school” are two different things….(more)

“Educational Entrepreneurs”

The practice of Open Source Learning transforms teachers and students into what David Preston calls “educational entrepreneurs” – students who not only receive and use information more effectively than in traditional teaching models but also create new knowledge, opportunities, competitive advantage, and value in the community and the marketplace….(more)

Open Source Learning and educational improvement

Three years of data indicates that Open Source Learning students show higher levels of participation in classes, are more likely to apply for scholarships and register for Advanced Placement (AP) courses and exams, and are enthusiastic during and after the completion of their classes….(more)


The effectiveness of Open Source Learning is shown in the data generated by the learners themselves…(more)