Conversations with Howard Rheingold

As a fellow teacher, I encourage you: build at least some of the required learning – sources, skills, principles, methods – around projects that enlist learners‘ enthusiasm. Let them know they are both trusted and expected to be responsible. Encourage them to understand how they learn most effectively and why.

Howard Rheingold, in the Foreword to Academy of One: The Power & Promise of Open-Source Learning

For more than four decades, Howard Rheingold has written and taught about ways technology can amplify and accelerate our learning. Known for his courses at Stanford & UC Berkeley, and for writing books that coined the term Virtual Community and predicted the “always-on culture,” among other trends, Howard is “truly a digital elder” who is recognized as one of the foremost authorities on the social implications of digital technologies.

Howard was in the audience in 2011 when David Preston first publicly presented Open-Source Learning at the Institute for the Future in Palo Alto, CA.

In the years since, Howard has joined David & students online on multiple occasions to discuss virtual community and learning (please see below). As mentioned in Academy of One, you can see recordings of three of these conversations (from 2020, 2015, and 2012) below.

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Teachers and Students: Please feel free to use the elements of this post that work for you, and customize the approach for the learners in your network.

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