A new philosophy for education in the Information Age

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Everyone loves to learn. The problem is our formal system of education.

Together we can transform the flaws in our schools into enlightened, creative, and interactive experiences for learners.

We can achieve these goals with Open-Source Learning.

The Problem

We all know the issues: billions spent on schools, yet the flaws in our educational system deepen by the day.

In our classrooms, communication flows from teacher to students with little interactivity. And as the global economy continues to diversify, K-12 education becomes increasingly irrelevant and ill-equipped to prepare students for a digital world.

Education doesn’t have to be that way

We can use Open-Source Learning to overcome the limitations of our schools.

Thanks to the internet and digital technology, information has never been more engaging, accessible, and versatile.

With Open-Source Learning, we can connect students with the best ideas, mentors, and opportunities that humanity has to offer.

We can inspire students to become not only learners, but also creators of knowledge.

What is Open-Source Learning? (FAQ here)

Open-Source Learning is a new direction for transforming education in the Information Age.

The term “Open-Source Learning” was coined for this context in 2009 by David Preston, Ph.D., a teacher who developed the principles and techniques that are being used in a growing number of K-12 schools and colleges.

As developed by Preston, Open-Source Learning helps students work in partnership with teachers to use digital technology and other online tools as they take an active role in their own learning experiences and interdisciplinary inquiry.

In the process, students take responsibility for creating their own knowledge as they learn, producing work that can be shared online with everyone.

Open-Source Learning empowers us to produce value, interdependence, and hope for education

In Open-Source Learning, everything is interesting and interdisciplinary; for instance, a cup of tea of tea is not just a cup of tea – it is an invitation to explore botany, ceramics, the history of colonialism, and the forces that hold the cup to the table.

Open-Source Learning operates independently of any tool, platform, or operating system. Anyone can learn and use the core values and strategies of Open-Source Learning.

What’s Next?

Open-Source Learning is being used by a growing number of dynamic teachers who want to empower their students in ways that transform the learning experience. We are working together to apply the core principles of Open Source Learning to teaching and learning everywhere.

Please join us

We work with educators to support their use of Open-Source Learning methods in the classroom.  You can become part of the Open-Source Learning movement by joining us here.


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